Remote, Part-Time

Fractional CMO

Hi! I'm Erin - a business and marketing coach and consultant.


Founder of Basics Simplified – I’m helping business owners simplify their life and business for long term success.

A Fractional CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) is a part-time, remote leadership executive for your organization. The way you work with a Fractional CMO is up to you. Adding a virtual team member reduces disruption, staying behind the scenes but getting things done.

Your Fractional CMO typically focuses on three main areas:

  1. Marketing execution
  2. Customer acquisition
  3. Sales pipeline development

MARKET it your way

My mission is to help entrepreneurs and organizations build their brand the way they want while streamlining and scaling

A Fractional CMO, a part-time, remote executive leader, provides companies in all stages the ability to:

As your fractional CMO, I will help oversee and improve several aspects of the businesses, such as:

INVEST IN Your Business

Who Could Benefit From A Fractional CMO?

  • Both B2B and B2C organizations.
  • Companies with an existing marketing team that could use executive level guidance, perspective, and leadership.
  • Founders and marketing managers who are interested in an independent, outside POV on their business, strategy, and tactics.
  • Organizations in a transition period who don’t need a full-time marketing lead yet but want to get things in a good place to bring them in.


Although similar tactics and strategies may be used across clients, each situation is uniquely different and a customized scope will be provided per client.

The Journey Your Fractional CMO

An example of how we’d work together.

Information Collection

Deep Dive

Assess Situation

Develop Solution

Implement & Refine


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