Remote, Part-Time

Fractional COO

Hi! I'm Erin - a business and marketing coach and consultant.


Founder of Basics Simplified – I’m helping business owners simplify their life and business for long term success.

A Fractional COO (Chief Operating Officer) is a part-time, remote leadership executive for your organization.

The way you work with a Fractional COO is up to you. 

Adding a virtual team member reduces disruption, staying behind the scenes but getting things done.

Build it your way

My mission is to help entrepreneurs and organizations build their brand the way they want while streamlining and scaling

A Fractional COO can be valuable in various situations:

As your fractional COO, I will help oversee and improve several aspects of the businesses, such as:

The Journey Your Fractional COO

An example of how we’d work together.

Information Collection

Deep Dive

Assess Situation

Develop Solution

Implement & Refine

Part-Time Remote COO

Business Plan + Strategy

Process Improvement

Internal Efficiency

Organizational Assessment (Audit)

New Business/Sales Strategy Development

Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) Development

Internal Communication / Management

Structure Assessment + Role Development

Product Innovation

Pricing Structure

People Resource Evaluation


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